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CfAS Projects
2018 CfAS-Sponsored Projects

Each of the projects addresses a substantive archaeological problem and will produce intellectual products that will benefit the discipline. They will also result in products that will inform public policy and benefit the public. CfAS is providing funds for multiple face-to-face meetings of the project working groups, facilitating the working groups’ collaborative efforts over a two-year period (though due to COVID-19, some CfAS projects have been extended). Follow the links below for a description of the two projects.

2019 Migration Design Workshop

In 2019, CfAS, Society for American Archaeology, the European Association of Archaeologists, and the Amerind Foundation co-sponsored a CfAS design workshop on human migration as understood from a long-term perspective. The workshop brought together 15 participants from seven countries, with experience from six continents. The workshop led to the development of three proposed projects , which CfAS will move toward implementation in 2020. The workshop is detailed in a report presented in the CfAS Fall 2019 newsletter and produced a statement published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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