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What does it mean to be a Coalition Partner?

CfAS is composed of established private and public organizations that provide essential scholarly, computational, educational, and public outreach infrastructure for archaeology. Current CfAS partners include nonprofit organizations, a university, and computational service providers. It is anticipated that future partners will include museums, professional societies, as well as government agencies and private sector cultural resource management firms.

Partners (Organizations):
• Support the objectives of CfAS  
• Encourage sharing of archaeological data collected by the organization, within constraints of the law of  imposed by permits, clients, or other funders, subject to a reasonable embargo period after completion  of projects
• Promote and publicize the activities of CfAS as appropriate
• Receive email bulletins and annual reports from CfAS
• Receive all notices of CfAS funding opportunities
• Influence the direction of the CfAS by:
o Proposing individuals to serve on the CfAS Board of Directors
o Voting for CfAS Board of Directors candidates
• Organization name, logo, and a link to its websites are included on the Current Coalition Partners webpage of the CfAS website.

Partner Dues
Coalition Partners make a financial commitment to the work of CfAS:
• Partner Dues: $200/year
• Dues for Partners in  the developing countries: $50/year[1]

[1] Developing countries are those listed by the United National Development Program as having low, medium, or high development (http://hdr.undp.org/en/countries)

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